Microneedling treatment

It is Iryna’s firm belief that everyone can benefit from microneedling regardless of age and skin condition, which is why she always ensures to recommend this treatment to clients.

You may be mildly frightened by the prospect of needles but Iryna’s world-class derma pen and her professionalism soothes the nerves, allowing your skin to reach its ultimate potential, you will leave after your first treatment looking fresher and younger than ever (results are cumulative).

Iryna has designed the most advanced treatment available by combining epidermal growth factors.

The treatment begins with thorough cleansing, followed by micro needling, these needles gently puncture the skin which stimulates the formation of new collagen and in turn enhances blood supply.

The treatment continues with the ph formula sos mask and concludes with the celuma light treatment.

The benefits of micro needling include lifting and rejuvenation, skin tightening improves acne scars, closes large pores, improves wrinkles and fine lines and battles hyper-pigmentation.

Micro needling treatment: 1 hour – From €120